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About us

The Mazowieckie Centre of Dentistry is a unique institution in the whole Voivoodeship. It has been appreciated for many years by both the patients and the dentists. Although there have been some name and legal form changes involved, for over 20 years our Institution has provided dental services, both reimbursed by NFZ, as well as paid. The history of The Mazowieckie Centre of Dentistry dates back to 1970s, when The city’s dental clinic was set up, with its units in various parts of Warsaw. , In 1980s all the units were moved to a building located in ul. Nowy Zjazd 1. In 1998 roku The city’s dental clinic became a self-governing unit. In this form the services were provided until the end of February 2011. The Mazowieckie Centre of Dentistry was set up in 2009 and from March 1, 2011r. it has continued to provide complex medical services. .

Our advantage is experience and an individual approach towards the patient, and that we offer all our services in one building in the downtown of Warsaw.

We have six specialized clinics at our disposal where services from all dentistry branches are provided. Experienced doctors provide dental services to children and adults in the field of endodontics, dental surgery, implantology, perioodontology, orthodontics, and dental prosthetics.

The range of services provided includes surgery procedures for people with systemid diseases We carry out specialist consultation and full radiological diagnostics (RTG and tomography) We have invested in high-quality equipment to ensure the comfort for our patients. Therefore, we are able to provide professional and complex dental care, fulfilling all the quality and sanitary standards. For some years we have also been renovating and modernizing the building to improve the standards of the services.

All the surgery procedures are conducted with general anesthetics and sedation, under the eye of the anesthetist.

The Mazowieckie Centre of Dentistry also specializes in post-graduate education for dentists. In 2006r. we implemented the quality system, we have a certificate confirming the fulfillment of strict rules and norms ISO PN – EN ISO 9001 – 2009. The current certificate Nr AC090 100/0038/1764/2012 is valid until March 9, 2015.