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Mazowieckie Centrum Stomatologii A company with over twenty years of experience

In the field of dentistry, we provide services in the field of general dentistry and pediatric dentistry, as well as many specializations, such as prosthetics, orthodontics, periodontology and implantology. Our history begins in the 1970s – it was then that the Stołeczna Przychodnia Stomatologiczna was established, with clinics located in several places in Warsaw. In the late 1980s, all clinics were moved to one building at 1 Nowy Zjazd Street. In 1998, we were named the Provincial Dentistry Center Independent Public Health Care Center in Warsaw. Our clinic operated in this legal form until February 2011. A new entity – the Center, established by Mazowieckie Centrum Stomatologii Spółka z o. o. took over the medical activity on March 1, 2011. Taking into account the ownership transformations, it can be assumed that Mazowieckie Centrum Stomatologii Sp. z o. o. is one of the largest and oldest medical facilities in Masovia specializing in dentistry and one of the few in Masovia providing postgraduate and specialization education for dentists.

We have achieved our current position thanks to the involvement of many people. It is a workplace of highly qualified staff and a place where thousands of patients report dental problems. Our Center is a creative and development facility, constantly investing in medical equipment, adaptation of rooms and professional medical staff. The health and comfort of patients is ensured by a team of qualified specialists from various areas of dentistry, who treat patients using the highest quality equipment.


Dental clinic in Warsaw

We realize how important image is in today’s world. One of the key elements that influences how we are perceived by those around us is a beautiful and dazzling smile. At our dental clinic in Warsaw, we perform a number of treatments that will help take care of the dental health of patients of all ages. We offer a range of services to everyone who cares about the aesthetics of their smile, allowing them to realize their dreams of straight and beautiful teeth – from orthodontic treatment, through whitening, to implant prosthetic treatment. We have the most modern equipment and materials used in dental treatment. Our patients can undergo radiological and tomographic examinations on site, which significantly speeds up the diagnosis. In the case of complex medical procedures, we also offer dental treatment under anesthesia.

In Mazowieckie Centrum Stomatologii Sp. z o. o. We focus not only on comprehensive dental treatment, but also strive to improve the comfort of our patients. In addition to convenient dates and the use of modern anesthesia techniques, we have prepared an online Patient Account where you can quickly and conveniently check information about your or your loved ones’ treatment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of dental services at our facility.

We invite you to the Mazovian Center of Dentistry

1 Nowy Zjazd Street, Warsaw